Burnaby Lake

Picture No.1 - Looking down the walkway, I liked the lines
Picture No.2 - A good old Goose
Picture No.3 - Looking down the lake towards South Burnaby
Picture No.4 - Two Geese I thought it was cute that they were kinda walking together. It reminded me of the two ducks from The Aristocats
Picture No.5 - 7 - Ducks

A Little Bit Of Heaven

Looking out at surrounding mountains from Blackcomb

Both are views of surrounding mountains from midway up Whistler mountain.

En Frencais

I think there's something strangely elegant about a french inhale.

Goggle vision.

Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in the reflection of the goggles.


Winter Wonderland

Picture No.1 - Whistler and surrounding mountains, taken with a wide angle lens
Picture No.2 - Railroad crossing at Rainbow park
Picture No.3 - Down the snowy path
Picture No.4 - Picture through a Piece of Ice
Picture No.5 - Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.


Picture No.1 - Lilly 
Picture No.2 - Bird of Paradise

Home Sweet Home

Picture No.1 - Looking out at North Vancouver from My house
Picture No.2 - Same idea a little more to the right.

Freezing Out

A picture of the large rock in front of my house, with frost and ice around it.


Tools And Such

Picture No.1 - Tie bolts
Picture No.2 - Wrench
Picture No.3 - Chainsaw Blade
Picture No.4 - Chainsaw Motor

A Day In The Workshop

Picture No.1 - Bucket Of grease
Picture No.2 - Some hanging hooks and stuff
Picture No.3 - Bandsaw in sepia to make it look older 
Picture No.4 - Hooks
Picture No.5 - Some wrenches

Kissy Kissy

A picture of my adorable cat kissing my camera.

Picture No.1 - Red feather Christmas Tree decoration
Picture No.2 - Extra Large wine glass candle holder and reflection
Picture No.3 - Christmas tree ornament, sparkly ball.

I'm Bored, I'm Bored... ... You Wanna Get High?

Picture No.1 - The mouth of a glass pipe.
Picture No.2 - My friend coughing horribly.
Picture No.3 - Friend and a pipe.
Picture No.4 - Friend smoking pipe.

Spooky Tree

A spooky looking tree near my house, in January.



Picture No.1 - The last standing windmill in Amsterdam City.
Picture No.2 - The Pythonbridge
Picture No.3 - A look at the Pythonbridge up the canal
Picture No.4 - Strange dumbwaiter thing at the hotel Amrath in Amsterdam.


Welcome to my photo-blog. I didn't really see the point in trying to have both, my pictures and opinions in one place so that's where this comes in. I hope you enjoy.